Removable Fencing
Removable fencing has become very popular in the past 10 or so years. These fences
are used where safety is needed but a pool cover is not applicable and/or may not want to
do a steel fence. These fences are very popular with grandparents who have visiting

Removable fences are installed by drilling holes into your deck and placing sleeves in the
holes, so that you can insert the poles of your fence into your deck. You can also run the
fence through your yard by using cement pads. The beauty of removable fencing is that
you can put the fence up when needed, and when you do not need or want the fence
anymore, you can simply take it down, unlike permanent steel fencing. This type of fence
is considered a secondary safety options. The Removable Fence includes the following;
-- Initial measuring appointment
-- The Fence Panels
    -- 4' x 10' panels
    -- 5' x 10' panels
-- Gate
    -- 2 sections coming together (standard)
    -- Swinging and locking gate (available at separate charge)
-- Layout configuration
-- Installation
-- Locking hook and eye system to connect panels
-- Cement pads, if necessary (separate charge)
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