Pool Cover Maintenance
All of the following will help maintain the life of your pool cover, but are not necessarily
needed to do on a daily basis.

Maintaining your pool cover system:
-- Pay attention to your pool cover chemistry, because an imbalance could lessen the life   
   of your cover.
-- You want to keep water and debris off your pool cover.
-- For track systems, you want to keep your track free of stones and dirt.
-- For under-track systems, you want to keep your housing clean and make sure that your  
   drains are operating.
-- Automatic systems may have lubrication requirements.
-- Pay attention to odd sounds, because these could indicate a problem.
-- Pay attention to automatic covers not operating smoothly or evenly.
-- May want clean cover, see
Pool Cover Cleaning.

If you have any other questions about pool cover maintenance, feel free to contact us.
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